Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Is Spring!!

Here it is, Spring already and I am just getting around to blogging again. I have had a couple of interesting months. I had begun to think winter was never going to end, but I know better now. Easter came and went way to quickly, especially our trip to see our sweet daughter and her awesome family. I truly am blessed to have such wonderful people as they in my life. I must have done something good to have been blessed with them.

We took a trip to Eureka, Ca to spend Easter with Sherry and her family,they are growing up way too fast. Sherry and Royce are doing a really good job raising our grandchildren into such nice people. Each one of them has begun strong testiomonies and a love of the gospel. All three of the older children are planning to serve missions and really are preparing themselves to do so. I met their seminary teacher, who is a convert, and thanked her for helping them have a better knowledge of the scriptures. She obviously loves our youth and I know that the young people can feel that from her. It is so much easier to learn something from someone who loves you. Our trip was great at any rate. We took way too long to get home, but we drove up Hwy 101 and took lots of beautiful pictures. I still don't know how to get them from my camera to the computer though. Jennifer said she will teach me when they come over for Apple Blossom Festival.

We have a beautiful new grandson, Carson Duane Adams, born March 23 and weighed in at 9lbs. 2.7oz. and 20.6 inches long. Joe and Jennifer are good parents and are doing a good job with their little family. Busy parents...their babies are just 19 months apart, so you know what I mean.

I am looking forward to December for my husband. He says he is going to semi-retire. I think that means he is not going to drive so much any more, especially through the winter months. He will be more selective of how much time he is away from home. I hope that when I retire in about 6 years, we can try to serve a mission.

I loved general conference, especially Pres Holland's talk on Easter and the relationship the Savior had with Judas. I gained a new perspective about him and the atonement and my testimony was strengthend. I love the Savior, and really do try everyday to be a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel.


Judie and George said...

Wow, Carson was a big baby! It's nice your kids are close enough to visit, and that things are going well for them. Hope you have a great spring!

familybrew7 said...

We all really enjoyed your time with us and wish you could have stayed longer. We love you both and hope to see you soon!