Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Already???

Hard to believe October is already here and more than half way over. Reality hit today when they were announcing plans for our wards Trunk or Treat party and supper. I guess that time really does pass you by even when you have been sick.

I have had a bout with horrible kidney infection. I have never had such pain in my life. They thought I was trying to pass a kidney stone, but fortunately that was not the case. I had two rounds of antibiotics which seems to have finally knocked it out. I just hope I never have to go through that ordeal again.

I am so grateful for this beautiful time of year. Fall has got to be my favorite time of year. I love the beautiful colors and the crispy air in the morning. I do not look forward to winter driving, but this fall weather is just great. I feel blessed to live in this valley where we have such distinctive seasons. I feel sorry for all of my friends on the west side of the state which brings so much rain with this season.

Owen was in northern Arizona this evening and was complaining about the heat. He said it had been in the 90's there today. That is just wrong for this time of year as far as I am concerned. I like the low 60's like we had today.

We are so pleased to hear about the Halvorsen's son getting his mission call. What an exotic, exciting place to be called to serve. I hope we get to go on a mission someday, but I will be very happy to stay in the USA. Our oldest grandson says he wants to go to Venice, Italy. That would be wonderful...We'll have to see where he will be needed. He is such an awesome fella. He challenges me to read my scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. One time I asked him who his favorite person in the B of M is, his response without thought was Nephi. When I asked which one, he said," all of them, they are all wonderful and it would be too hard to choose just one of them". I love him, he will be a wonderful full time missionary.

I am so grateful to be a member of the church and to know that it is true. What a blessing that is. It is what keeps me sane and helps me have hope. Things have been really tough on our family this past year, and I think that were it not for the teachings of the gospel to give us hope that everything happens for a reason, and that if we but endure to the end, there will be blessings to be the reward. The important thing is to endure, after all we can do anything when we know there is and end to come. Sometimes I need to be reminded to keep on enduring...