Sunday, September 7, 2008

Once again!

I woke up really early this morning thinking it seemed cooler than it has been. I felt proud of myself for getting up so early on a Sunday morning, then I realized the phone was ringing. It was our ward chorister needing a replacement for sacrament meeting, but she had already hung up and called someoe else this time. I was awake! So I read through the Sunday School lesson and felt ready to participate in class today. Then I sat down and turned on BYU channel to listen to Music and the Spoken Word. That comes on at 8:30 here. I don't remember anything after that. I woke up at 11:20. Sacrament starts at 11:00. Sooooo.. Today I stayed home and have rested. I guess I needed it. Next week, the choir is singing, so I must not have a repeat of this week, since I am the choir director. I have a busy week coming up. It seems that since I started back to work, all my weeks are busy. Not at all like when all the kids were home and I worked full time, but busy the same. Owen had a reality check last week when he had to into the Social Security office to take care of all the paperwork affiliated with turning 65. He has the big birthday coming up in November, but says when he thinks of getting older he still sees himself much younger. That makes me think of sister Mary Braga. One time in RS she made a similar comment about getting older and she couldn't remember when it happened to her and Harvey. She said she still saw him as young and very handsome. I guess we all have similar eyesight. Anyway, Autumn is coming. The orchards are harvesting pears and apples as fast as the can. Bartletts started about two weeks agao, now the Anjou pears are ready. They have been picking Galas and some of the softer apples already. The firmer ones will come on a little later, all the way up tp frost. I feel very blessed to live here in this beautiful valley. We have a couple of other Puyallup transplants here too. Laif Docken and his family live in our stake as well as Sarah Backus Strang and her family. She is in our ward and the Primary President. She is amazing with her five children, taking a full load of classes through Uof W, being a foster parent and everything else she does. I get short of breath just thinking about it. I have counted many blessing today and so grateful to be able to do so. I hope I can always remember to be grateful.

Is Autumn really here?