Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Day's A comin'

Can't believe that it is Thanksgiving Week already. This year has zipped by...
Our whole sacrament meeting today was about gratitude. I am really glad to be reminded to be grateful from time to time. Personally, I feel too many of us forget to be thankful for all the wonderful blessings that come into our lives and those around us. Isn't it a sin to forget to be grateful? Anyhow, I am grateful for so many things it would take days to list everything.

I do want to take time to let all my friends and family know how grateful I am to have you all in my life and count myself very blessed. I am most thankful to have a good husband who is so sweet and kind to me in every way. We have shared 41 and a half years together now and it really does get better with time. He is such a good friend and companion, I am blessed to have found him at such a young age. I think of both my sisters, and the trials they have had with their marriages, and I know the gospel has made the difference in my life. It is what has helped me to know what is important and how to work on those important things.

I am getting excited for Christmas!! My Sherry and her family are coming up here for the holiday this year. It will be the first time she has been "home" for Christmas since she and Royce moved away to Colorado when Zachariah was just a new infant. We've been together a few times, but not in our home. It looks like Janelle will be baptized while here as well. She turns eight on Dec. 18 and decided she would like to be baptized here so her Grandpa and Grandma can be there, too. I think that is really special. We are so proud of our grand kids for wanting to make good choices. I think they all have good parents who love the Lord and so they are being taught good things.

Owen turned 65 this past week! It was not an easy b-day for him. When his Medicare card came in the mail he got very sad and would not sign it nor put it in his wallet for about three weeks. He finally did so under protest. We actually had a nice date and then he was very surprised to read the blog Sherry and her family posted. Actually, he was more than a little touched. It did him great good to read how much his family loves him. Thank you family.

Another thing I am looking forward to is having Sherry help me with this blog. I want to learn how to make it more personal and be able to post some photos and have some music too. I look at all these other blogs and feel like a dinosaur not having figured it all out yet, so stay tuned, more's a comin', I HOPE.

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving!