Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Well, I can offically say I have Grandma's Disease! I just had a call from two of my sweet little granddaughters to say thanks for the birthday cards and gifts. That was especially nice of them since I had totally spaced sending the gifts out on time. Janelle's birthday was in December, the week before Christmas and Malia's was this month. I mailed both gifts out last week at the same time.
We had taken Janelle's with us when we went down there for Christmas, but...You guessed it, I found it after we got home still in the suitcase. So...plan B was to mail it on Malia's with apologies, that didn't happen either until last week. Both girls were late receiving their birthday wishes because I am a Grandma with a bad memory. I am really glad they love me anyway and were just happy I finally got my act together.
We are ready for Spring, tired of the gray skies and cold weather, ready for some sun again. We are both doing pretty well for the shape we are in. Owen has a few health things going on, but is facing them head on and making some really good progress. He is losing weight and looking great and with his new eating habits is feeling better every day. This is a real challenge for him when he has to be away from home for work. He is just learning to look at the menu in a different way and ask for specific things. Good job Owen.
I am loving the new Relief Society Lesson manual this year. I think having the whole church review the basic principals of the gospel is a really great thing to help strengthen testiomonies. Any way, I love preparing lessons from the new manual.
This month is my four year anniversary. Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was terrified. I had the biopsy and went through the radiation therapy and am in remission now four years out. WooHoo. Get those mamagrams, they really do save lives. I am so thankful for science and technology and talented, gifted doctors who care for the rest of us. What a wonderful time to live.
We have had our niece staying with us for a few weeks now. She is just getting back on her feet and working again after a serious injury. Hopes to have her own place within the next month. Good to have the space to let her stay. Good company when Owen is gone. She has also helped care for my mother until my sister gets moved over this weekend. My mom had a serious fall and injury back in November which has moved us to now require almost continual care for her. That is why my sister is moving over, so she can live with her and be there for her more readily than I can be. This should help all of us as far as the worry level goes.
Life is good right now and I am so glad to live in this wonderful country and be a member of the only true church. I am blessed.