Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Snow???

Here it is, another Sunday afternoon in Mid February and what do we get?? MORE SNOW!!
I know, it is Winter after all, but I, for one, am ready for Spring, About this time of year I always get the urge to see Spring come. I will be patient though. I know the sweet little groundhog saw his shadow, so he ran back inside to sleep a little longer. Spring will be that much sweeter.

We had such a nice Valentine's Day this year. My sweetheart and I drove to Yakima to do some shopping and then out to dinner thanks to a very thoughtful gift from our daughter and her hubby. They gave us a nice gift certificate to Red Lobster for Christmas, so we used it for a wonderful dinner and date. Thank You Sherry and Royce. I am grateful we had good weather to drive in yesterday. Today would not be nearly as enjoyable.

My baby boy is turning thirty this next week-end. Saturday is the big day. He doesn't know it, but his wife is planning a surprise party for him next Sunday afternoon. He thinks they are going out of town for the big celebration to her family's time share and that they will be picking up their little Noah when they get back to town. That is when we will all spring out to surprise him. I am excited for him. Also excited for the 27th of March. Joe and Jen will be delivering their new baby boy then. She has to have her babies by appointment, so we know he will be born on that day. Their babies will be 19 months and one day apart in age. Busy time in their lives. One I do not envy, but knowing how fast that busy time will pass for them, I hope they take time to enjoy the journey.

Owen is making noises that we may be making the trip to Sherry's house for Easter this year. I think that would be wonderful. I will have to get a substitute to direct the ward choir that day though. We are practicing a special arrangment of "He Is Risen" for Easter Sunday. I am thankful we have several very capable people in our ward who just might fill in for me. We'll see. I would love to see her new home and be with our grandchildren again. They are truly remarkable children.

Well, so much for another snowy Sunday, which is slowly turning to rain. I guess I will use this day to just rest and read. I need days like this sometimes.

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familybrew7 said...

I would enjoy a day of snow over the rain any day! I am so glad that you and Dad enjoyed the gift to Red Lobster and had a nice Valentines Day together, I just ordered Joe's birthday gift today..he wont get it in time but it is on the way..I hope you have fun celebrating your baby's birthday he will be so surprised!!